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Comments and News - Wednesday, October 26, 2005
And...we're back.

It's a pretty fil..um...cover! So I've got a few presents for you guys...as thanks for putting up with me. :D. The vote incentive is now the wallpaper of this cover (I'll fix the peek on friday). Click on a button, vote, get a pretty picture that you can actually put on your computer. YAY!

Ok. Job is going well, although my faith in humanity was forever shattered by the people I check out. I've discovered people break into three or four groups. Real shoppers, Impulse buyers and Dumb Customers. Real Shoppers go in, get what they need, and get it no matter what the thing costs BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT. (Why is buying what you came for and nothing else such a difficult concept to grasp here???). Impulse buyers go in, pick everything on sale they possibly can and buy it...then bring it back tomorrow because they really didn't want it in the first place. Dumb Customers have no conscience, common sense, human decensy or coherancy. Very few people have fallen into this catagory, but when they do...you're hopeless. I don't care WHAT you are in Real Life, if you are THAT stupid you deserve to die. You do not bring a cartload of (item X) up to the counter and tell me I gave it to you yesterday at fifty percent off (last week's sale price) when I distinctly remember getting on my knees and thanking God that those damn things were taken off the flier, and then taking perverse pleasure in charging the extravagant fifty-item customers the full price for the first time in seven long, long days. And you REALLY do not go out, get as much of what IS on sale this week as your cart can carry, THEN COME BACK TO MY REGIESTER AND CONTINUE HARPING ON THE DAMN BEADS.

It was really telling that when I offered to get my manager up to the register to "help", she told me nevermind. (Also, why the hell are all three of my Dumb Customers this week women? What is there about my sex that makes us such inconsiderate, incoherant, uncreative, selfish, demanding, loud idiots? I hate women now. I hate you, female shoppers. Men would carry all the parts for an f-15 engine on thier own, with thier bare hands, while in a three piece, ten thousand dollar armani suit. While driving, but lets not talk about Houston drivers. Women will not carry car lint without a bag. They buy a canvasse bag with two perfectly functional handles attached. They want one of the flimsiest excuse for a plastic bag I have ever seen in my life to carry it the five feet from the door of the store to the car. Women buy one pen. ONE PEN in a package. They want a bag. They have a purse the size of manhatten. They still want a bag to put thier brand-new pen in. They are opening this pen in the car, where they will then...put the pen in thier purse and throw away the wrappings, reciept and bag seperately, probably in seperate trash cans. But they still want the bag. They ASK for the bag. You want to know why there's so many plastic bags littering the roadways? It's female shoppers. Because like I said, men are perfectly capable of carrying things with thier hands. You know, like hands are supposed to do.)

Ok...story restarts Thursday (Um...two hours by my watch). See ya'll then. - Chelsea Gaither