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Why We've Been So QUiet - Thursday, October 20, 2005
Ok, before I forget, this is guest art kindly provided by Eunice P. of I Came From Mars, please return the favor he did and pay him a visit, alright? Alright.

Okay, Sorry for the big quiet. Origionally this WAS supposed to be Guest Art Week...but I only got one admittedly nice piece of guest art between when I schedualed it and when it wandered up and got me.

I've been quiet and mis-managing my comic because I actually went out and got a job. Origionally I was getting a PART TIME JOB that would let me make some money and still have time to do other things. Repeat with as much emphasis as possible: I WENT IN FOR A PART TIME JOB. And my boss compounded the issue by saying he was even HIRING me as part-time/seasonal.

That is NOT what I've got. Apparently the store I went to work for (a large craft chain here in the states. I will say no more because I have a more-than-vague suspicion I will be complaining about them, the employees, customers and management liberally, every chance I get) is moving to a newer, larger store, and is grossly short handed because everybody they could spair is over at the NEW store, getting ready for the opening this weekend. So instead of doing what I THOUGHT was the smart thing, and putting the new girls over in the new store to put away beads or something while the expeianced people are working the registers and answering questions at the OLD store, I've been put in at the old store, where there are maybe five other people working, most of whom are PACKING, and I'm driving this old dinosaur of a register that I barely know how to use. For at least eight hours a day. Yesterday I pulled ten.

Lemme review this for ya, just in case you're rolling your eyes. This is my first job. I have never had one before. I spent a good portion of every day doing art instead of standing up and walking for hours at a streach. My legs feel way beyond pain. I'm waiting for them to rebel and walk me outside in front of a bus. Their manifesto would go something like "WE ARE TIRED, WE ARE HURTING, YOU ARE NOT STOPPING SO WE CAN FEEL BETTER, SO WE ARE TAKING STEPS. IT IS NOT PERSONAL, WE'RE JUST TIRED OF FEELING LIKE OUR TOES ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE FROM PRESSURE FROM THE BLISTERS." The job is insane because I have no idea where I'm supposed to go or what I'm supposed to do, and I have had one day off since I started last Friday. TODAY was supposed to be my other day off--it said so on my schedual, IT SAID SO ON THE DAMN SCHEDUAL--but it's not. Instead I get until noon. Then it's back to...wherever it is they're gonna put me. I will not get this weekend off, or most of next week, for that matter. I will get paid, and will probably get overtime for this hellish first week...but it's major, major shock to go from being a couch potatoe--I can be that honest--to working eight hours, ten hours, a day, on my feet, all day, with negotiable lunch breaks.

I'm very irritated because this job is leaving me no energy to do anything else. I have projects I want to work on, I have the comic I want to do, I have NaNo in a week, and I have no energy to get to any of them now. I took the job so I could get money to make life around here a little easier on my Mom (long story) by being able to pay for my own stuff. I will probably be able to, but I can't do anything else. The two times I sat down behind the computer to do art, I just stared at the screen and then went to bed. Hopefully It'll slow down soon (my brain goes Not Bloody Likely).

I'm going to go put my shoes on now. Have fun. Regular updates recommence next week, with Tuesday as a cover and Thursday as an update. You also get a very pretty wallpaper, which I will upload God-Only-Knows-When.

Alright yall. have fun. - Chelsea Gaither