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Testing - Thursday, April 1, 2004

Greetings, new readers...and hopefully, re-readers. Welcome to the insane and crazy world known as Blue Skunk.

Yes, most of the coming pages have some measure of suction attached. When I started this comic, nearly three years ago (according to my watch at least) I was about as confident in my artistic skill as an epeleptic behind the wheel of a car, sans medication (no offence intended to any epeleptics out there). I also had no idea how to use Photoshop effectively.

Nonetheless, for those of you brave enough to endure these early pages in all thier garish, un-anatomically correct glory...you have my appreciation and my thanks. Cause, like, you can always cheat. And you're not. Which means you'll get the WHOLE story.

Also...Blue Skunk is NOT written to be a bi-weekly comic, in that there is very little pause/gag between panels. For this I apologize, if that's what you're expecting. I wrote this story as a novel, intended to be read entirely in as few sittings as possible. That's not going to happen any time soon, unfortunately, so compromise must be made. I'll give you guys as much "catch up" information as I can, including plot summeries and a character sheet elsewhere, but nothing will help you keep up with this story as well as a peroidic re-read. I'm a chronic re-reader. I wrote this comic for chronic re-readers like me, 'cause that's what I like. If you're not like that...I'll do my best to help you keep up.

And with no futher ado...on with the show!

- Chelsea Gaither