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Comments and News - Thursday, October 27, 2005
Ok, officially, this is a flashback. It's important. I apologize for delaying the dramatic restart of the last chapter to insert this...but could a seeing-your-life-before-your eyes interlude REALLY be considered a delay when the characer IS technically dying?

Hum...interesting philosophical question.

I will now officially state that I hate, hate, HATE this section as well as the previous section. Both of them bother me, because oddly, writing technically disturbing material isn't nearly as bad as drawing it and making it come to life. I'm going to officially warn all of you now...this part is going to be disturbing. It won't last too long (two weeks?), and it isn't gory. But...it's not a very nice idea. Hopefully I handled it right.

These pages were also an exparament in using a pallate for coloring. It probably won't be immedately apparent what I did, but I chose a very small set of colors to see what it looks like. I think I like it. I did a few more exparaments further along in the storyline. You'll see 'em.

Eventually. :D

No job rants tonight. Sorry. Because...well, technically today is still yesterday, and I'm still seething about the Dumb People I saw Wednesday. Guys, Cashiers are people too, probably very bored people. If you want to take your stupidity out on something, do it to a fire hydrant or a chatroom, not the person taking your money and giving you change. And PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY do not give your cashier the things you don't want, and if you HAVE to...TELL THEM BEFORE THEY RING IT UP PLEASE. Don't dump the whole thing on the counter and expect them to be claravoyant. Casheirs do not get superpowers. They get a glorified calculator and a credit-card machine, and are ordered to do battle after fifteen seconds of training (no exaggeration. At. All.)

See ya'll next week....where we see if CW has enough braincells left to do NaNOWriMO to the end. - Chelsea Gaither