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Comments and News - Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I debated about whether or not I should include the line "See if I can't do this twice" for about an hour while I was making this page. I wasn't too sure that it wouldn't be too lame. I am not a fan of "tell all" comics, although I do that (tell all) way too often. In the end, I decided to do it, just because she HAS to say something. One of those act stupid to stay sane moments. I mean...if a guy you've already killed once already is suddenly ambulatory and coherant, wouldn't you be freaking out?

There aren't many things to say about this comic. I'm neither particularly proud about it, or particularly disgusted with it. If I had a choice, I'd ignore it completely and go on to the better pages.

News: I made it through Rita Ok, mostly because she turned a couple days before she made landfall and kicked the crap out of Lousiana AGAIN, instead of trying to turn Galveston into chopped liver. All we got in our neck of the woods was a little wind, a little rain, a very wind-blown tree and a shell-shocked cat. No thunder, no lightening, no tornados (thank you GOD). Worst thing to happen to us was the cable died and stayed dead for three days, starting on Sunday. Note: AFTER THE STORM. I don't understand why the cable had to die, or why the damn company couldn't get up and come fix it and keep it fixed instead of having it blink on and off at inconvenient times. Yes, I know that the storm probably knocked cable out for the whole city and my area was probably low priority. It still irked me.

I'm working on a fun side-project that I think I'll start showing off soon. Some REAL art, people. :D. One of those "I did THAT???" kind of moments. Annnnnd...I think that's it for now. Cable may die again (if it does, I don't CARE about priority zones, the cable company will now and forever be the damned stupid cable company, ESPECIALLY when it spends ONE YEAR pushing it's cable phone service so that when the cable dies YOU NOW HAVE NO PHONE TO CALL AND LET THEM KNOW THE CABLE IS DEAD. I don't care how damn big you are, if you push a phone service you should have some way of finding out your system is down OTHER than having the now totally phone-less customer CALL YOU TO LET YOU KNOW THAT THEY HAVE NO PHONE. Does this make no sense to anyone other than me? I don't know how the phone companies do it, but it still makes no sense at all.)


- Chelsea Gaither