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Comments and News - Thursday, September 15, 2005

And this is what she saw. Is seeing. It's glowy...blue...stuff. With weird guys on it.

I'm not extreamly proud of this page. OBVIOUSLY it was about two pages back when I discovered the merits of the gradient tool, and was trying to figure out how the heck you can make water "glow" when you haven't got the slightest clue how to do the surface of water realistically. It didn't come out as well as I wanted it too...but at least you can tell it's glowy blue stuff, and that's all that matters.

...I still wish I knew how to do the GBS, though. I hate being dissatisfied.

News: Visit the Webcomic Telethon and Donate already!

The Webcomic Telethon has raised an estimated 24 THOUSAND DOLLARS for the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina victems. That's a lot of money and the best part is, if the total is anywhere near accurate, and the people at BLC are trying hard to keep it there, all that money is ALREADY at the Red Cross. It's absolutely freaking FANTASTIC people.

Oh yeah...I tape recorded the forums the other day. Just to show ya'll what it's like in there.

*Sound of tape recorder clicking on*

*sound of crickets*

*sound of tape recorder clicking off*

Kinda quiet in there. Two of you do visit regularly, thank you, but...come on, guys, I want your honest Opinions! Maybe not praise and glory...but a little speculation and excitement about the story here. Maybe? PLLLLEEEEAAAASEEEE???


Also: New vote incentive--picture of Miranda--which will run for the remainder of this week, and then be replaced with...well, something to do with the story, I'll leave it at that. Call it "reader aids" or "Why it works the way it does"

And maybe throw in a coupla pretty pictures. :) Always gotta go with teh purty.

Well, take care for another week. Tuesday:...oh...yeah...it's THAT page....um, no, I mean..."Of Guys in Robes". Yeah. Really.

- Chelsea Gaither