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Comments and News - Thursday, September 1, 2005
The blue bubbles are Shawn's breifing of the girls. I know it's confusing...but it was either be confusing or spend a week in a tent.

The thing on Lucy's face are Glasses. They have a big, long, official name no one uses because it's a pain-in-the-ass to say in a hurry. They work the same as a shark's extra sensory organs do...detecting electric feilds, only in this case, in the atmosphere. Electro-magnetic and bio-electric feilds are the two most common ways of detecting intruders, as they're the easiest and fastest to set up, and most sensative to interruption. They're invisible to the naked eye but they emit energy on an easily-detectable waveleingth...which is what the Glasses are seeing. They also detect the bio-electric feilds of life--people, animals, plants--and in conditions where there isn't so much life EVERYWHERE, as there is in the Amazon, Glasses are often used as people detectors as well as feild detectors. Unfortunately in the Amazon, there is so much "background noise" that not only can Lucy not use them to detect people, but she can't see feilds until she's close enough to them to desern them from the feilds of the trees, brush, birds, bugs........

Obviously they DO work, and they saw this "Wall" from a long way off, but Lucy couldn't tell for sure if it was a "wall" or if it was a big mass of vines or plant life until they were almost through the thing.

More on "Walls" Tuesday. - Chelsea Gaither

Something To Do - Friday, September 2, 2005

Blank Lable Comics will be hosting a "webcomic telethon" to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victems. It's going to be held during Sept. 13+14th, and everything made during it is going to be donated to the Red Cross.

It's something I can do. Finally. Something I can do. Have no money, no transportation, nothing but my artistic ability and an overwelming shame that I can't help.

Guys, if you can, do. Please. Anything you can. This situation is just getting worse and worse by the hour, rising water, rabid human beings roaming the streats with guns and greed, people dying where they're supposed to be safe...anything you can do will help.

I beg ya'll for a lot, I know...but this isn't for me. PLEASE if you can do it, do it. If you can't do it, find another way. - Chelsea Gaither