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Drumroll please - Thursday, July 28, 2005
Well, I think we're nearly there. :)

For those of you who are seeing this when it's actually here (for the whole, um, *does the math* four days it'll be current) Welcome to Blue Skunk's new home. If you are a SpiderForest regular, checking out the new gal, pleasure to meet you and I hope you'll make yourself comfortable, enjoy the comic and not get too irritated at my little idioscronocies (like bad spelling. Oops!)

If you've followed me from the keen...Comic Genesis site, congradulations. You are now a Loyal Stalker. You have probably noticed the nice picture-banner/nav center at the top of the page, and if you're really adventurous, you'll notice that 1. All the buttons work and 2. Most of them don't actually go anywhere. (oops!) I promise this is not going to be like the KS/CG site. Every single one of them will go to an active, functional page by Monday or you will get an extra update next week. Two other changes you (hopefully!) noticed is that there is no tag board. There will be no tagboard unless somebody says they want it back. I would really like to not have to design/redesign the new page to include a tag-board that nobody ever uses. Unless there is a massive general outcry, the tag-board will be considered defunct. Also, the forum button works. It goes to my forum, which is already attracting Loyal Stalkers. I am a forum addict. If you drop by I will talk to you.

In general news, Lookit the pretty covers! Chapter Two has been bumped up by a day. It starts next week (yay!) and it's defenately the best stuff I've ever done. Why?...I replaced my monitor. The icky faded look of the last month came from using a slowly fading monitor and not knowing any better. I am actively ashamed of them. I've also replaced the old prologue cover with the redrawn one. If you haven't seen it yet, do. It's purty.

Well, It's great-great-great-great to be a member of the SpiderForest family. I'm looking forward to how much fun this is going to be.

--CW - Chelsea Gaither